Increasing Amount of Neck Support

1 – To increase level of support, go to the front of the device and find the arrows. These point to 2 thumb pads located just underneath the bottom edge of the main cushion.

Neck-Relief M2 Adjusting 3
Neck-Relief M2 Adjusting 1

2 – Hold the device in your hands as shown and use both your thumbs to push upward on the thumb pads.

3 – This will increase the level of neck support

Neck-Relief M2 Adjusting 4
Increasing the amount of neck support

Decreasing Amount of Neck Support

Cervipedic Neck-Relief M2 Decreasing the level of neck support

1 – To decrease level of support, go to the back of the device & find the release button. The arrow points to the gradation lines which indicate current level of support.
2 – Use your thumb or finger to press on the textured bottom half of the button. This will release the support.
3 – While pressing the bottom half of the button, slide it downward along the slot until you line up the arrow to your desired level.

4 – If the button seems hard to press: place the device face down on a table or bed first & then try pressing the button again.

Cervipedic Neck-Relief M2 on flat surface for more leverage