What Is Text Neck? ‘Pokémon GO’ Tagged In Painful Condition That Has Become Widespread Recently

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Long hours spent on smartphone use could lead to a painful condition that affects the neck. Photo: Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole

Ever since “Pokémon GO” was launched this July, many smartphone users who have embarked on their journey to become the very best Pokémon Trainer spent more time stooping down their heads in front of their devices. Now Canadian chiropractors are saying that this gesture has become the culprit behind the preponderance of a painful chronic condition referred to as “text neck.”

According to PhoneArena, ever since the craze over “Pokémon GO” started this past summer, more and more people were lining up to see chiropractors. Waiting rooms were reportedly filled with young people instead of old patients who are generally more prone to complain about chronic pain.

Though Peel chiropractor and Ontario Chiropractic Association spokesperson Dr. Jade Egonia singled out that “Pokémon GO” is one of the reasons why text neck has become prevalent, she maintained that the painful condition is generally triggered by the awkward posture smartphone users have when they look down on their devices.

Egonia said that putting weight on one’s neck is the root cause of text neck, since this strains the back of the neck and upper spine. She also revealed that 50 percent of the people who are visiting her clinic at the time are experiencing this condition. She noted that apart from pain, the strain on the neck muscles also lead to headache, which is why some of her patients experience headache in addition to neck pain, Mississauga has learned.

Although text neck is not fatal, chiropractor Krista Revenberg pointed out that “it can lead to pain and chronic tissue tightness.” The chiropractor also stated that what’s quite unfortunate about this is that people do not usually notice that they already have this condition.

Revenberg stressed that text neck is not only present among young people, since it is a condition that affects all age groups. This is because just a single tilt of the head to look down when using a smartphone already involves around 66 pounds of pressure being applied to the spine, as per MobileSyrup.

With the rising number of text neck cases, chiropractors are now advising everyone, especially smartphone users, to follow the 20-20-20 rule. This rule simply requires one to look 20 feet ahead for 20 seconds every after 20 minutes spent on stooping down to look at a smartphone or a desk. Stretching every once in a while is also recommended.


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