Your patients will love you……why?

  • For giving them a comfortable and effective Neck Support
  • It extends your treatment in the comfort of their own home
  • It is light weight and so simple to use
  • It takes no extra time out of their day
  • It is completely natural
  • Its sleek industrial design looks great anywhere
  • It’s of great quality and value.
  • It’s so effective, many patients come back to buy for their friends and family !!!

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“My introduction to the Cervipedic neck support was very timely- I had been suffering through a week of neck pain and stiffness that hadn’t responded well to treatment. I used the support a half dozen times over two days, and experienced about 75% improvement. That made it easy to share with my patients, and the feedback thus far has been great. It is a tool that is easy to use, portable, and effective. They report less pain in between visits, and I also find it’s supporting my care and providing patients the opportunity for a faster recovery. The Cervipedic support is now a permanent fixture in our office.”

Dr. Bob Rose Chiropractor
Kingsman, AZ


“FINALLY!!! A neck support unit that my patients will use. The Cervipedic has been a great adjunct to my practice. With more and more people losing the natural cervical lordosis due to the computer age, I have finally found a solution to help patients be more compliant. Not only is it great for traction, but my patients who travel a lot are not kinking their necks on the plane anymore. The Cervipedic helps my patients hold my treatments longer which in turn creates happy patients, therefore more success for my office.”

Dr. Eric Blum Chiropractor
Westlake Village, CA