One neck at a time, we want to help people live as free as possible so that they can make the most of the things that make life so valuable.

For most of us, improper posture is an unavoidable part of the way we live and work in our modern lives and its consequences can be severe because it often remains unnoticed or unattended. We make a simple, comfortable and effective neck support that naturally encourages proper alignment everyday.

The Cervipedic Neck-Relief™ emphasizes comfort and convenience. Any success is achievable if we provide an option to… keep it Simple, keep it Consistent.

CerviPedic Neck-Relief™


In 2009, Ed Tansingco became frustrated with the neck pain and recovery associated with long travel.

He tried many different cervical pillows and travel pillows for his international flights but was disappointed that none could effectively provide proper support; he was still experiencing stiffness and discomfort during and after his flights. They were either too bulky, too restrictive, complicated and very few were made to actually support the proper curve of the neck.

As a product designer, he set out to make a cervical support of his own. He wanted something that was truly effective but with comfort and convenience firmly in mind. After 2 years of development, the result was a simple, anatomically-contoured support that was adjustable and extremely comfortable.

It was immediately sent to local chiropractors in the Orange County area for their opinions and came back with extremely favorable evaluations. Fine improvements were made for production and doctors began sharing it with their patients starting in late 2014 to help with alleviating neck pain and to reinforce the natural curve of the cervical spine. Since then, thousands of their patients and many others all over the US and internationally, have used the Cervpedic Neck-Relief™ to help with neck stiffness, tension, headaches and other issues, all with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ is one of the best travel pillows in the market


In our humble way, we would like to be able to make a positive contribution to our world . It is our mission to make the world a better place through our innovations and dedication to offering the most well designed products available. However, we recognize other worthy causes that have been achieving monumental works and we proudly support them by giving a portion of our profits to help out in their efforts. The following are a few that are very dear to our hearts!

St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)